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    Posted on 11 Jul 2016

    Ranveer Singh Watched "Sultan" In Paris And Went HAM Dancing Around The Movie Theatre

    You can take the Bollywood fan out of India...

    Ranveer Singh has been chilling in France over the past few weeks, doing all the things you'd expect an average celebrity to do there.

    Twitter: @RanveerOfficial

    That's him at the Euro 2016 finals in Paris.

    But Ranveer Singh is not your average celebrity, is he?

    Nope, not even a little bit. He also went to watch Sultan yesterday and, when "Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai" came on, started dancing his ass off in front of the frikkin' screen.

    [VIDEO] Good quality: Ranveer Singh at the Publicis Cinemas in Paris. #RanveerWatchesSultan

    Just a reminder: This wasn't at a local Bandra theatre. This was in Paris, France.

    Not only did Singh channel his own inner Bollywood fan, he also got the rest of the audience involved.

    By the end of the song, he had single-handedly brought India's very unique single-screen movie-watching experience to the city of love.

    And if you think Singh isn't aware of his own whack behaviour, this was his tweet about the episode.

    Twitter: @RanveerOfficial

    He knows, guys. He knows.

    What can one even say to this guy? You do you, man.

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