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These Guys Have Become YouTube Viral Sensations By Recreating WWE Matches In Their Gully

Gully cricket is so 1990s.

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Meet Mumbai's Suraj Jha and his colony friends, who are taking over the online world by recreating, in excruciating detail, entire WWE matches in their neighbourhood.


These college kids record and upload insane wrestling recreations on their YouTube channel ANGAARTv, which has blown the fuck up over the past couple of months.

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This video, featuring a Royal Rumble match, has over 8,00,000 hits on YouTube alone.

The videos are spliced together with commentary from actual WWE matches. Add to that a makeshift wrestling ring in the middle of their gully, and let's just say that they've pretty much nailed all of it.


Note that they do it with a much *much* smaller budget than the actual WWE.


If you're wondering, yes, they do sometimes fight wearing wigs. And yes, the wigs do sometimes fly off mid-move.

"Every move you see us making in the video is practiced numerous times until we find it safe and perfect and we are happy to say that no one has been injured so far," Jha told BuzzFeed.

"We wanted to start our own YouTube channel, and then we saw Joe Weller's WWE finishers video and got inspired. We got good views on our first upload and that's when we started full time," Jha added.

As Yoda would say, "Try this at home, do not."

"We aren't quite sure how we went viral, but I think many well known pages on Facebook shared our videos," Jha added.

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