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    Posted on 30 Sep 2016

    Indian Twitter Has Gone Hilariously Hard At This American Meme About Iconic Duos

    Kylie and Kendall over Sachin and Viru? Never.

    Last weekend, Twitter user @negansvoid unintentionally triggered a new meme when she tweeted this photo and got thousands of replies from people naming their favourite duos.


    Name a more iconic duo than those two? Lady Gaga and Beyoncé say hi

    And once Indian users caught on to the trend, our truly iconic pop-culture duos started getting their moment in the spotlight too:

    Sure, they nominated some obvious partnerships...

    But there's a good chance you didn't think most of their favourites were coming:

    Of course, jokes aside, I think we can all agree that this iconic duo ends the entire debate:

    Move along, Jenners.

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