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    10 Things That Aren't Indian In The Modi Propaganda Video That's Playing In Theatres Right Now

    A little less Photoshop, a little more research, maybe?

    Indian Censor Board Chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani recently released and dedicated a video to Narendra Modi, which is playing in theatres across the country during movie screenings right now.

    TL;DR - It's basically 90 seconds of badly photoshopped visuals of India's greatest achievements (supposedly) during PM Modi's tenure so far.

    Only, as Twitter user @sandygrains pointed out, it turns out that most of the achievements shown during the course of the video don't have anything to do with our country at all.

    HAHAHA. Just saw the Nahilani Modi video. Has anyone made a list of all the things in it that's not Indian? Because I have one.

    1. Here's the rundown.

    That's expressway construction in Dubai.


    That's the US Air Force's Tomcat.


    That's Moscow's International Business Centre.


    That's Japan's HTV-3 exiting the ISS.


    That's NASA's Atlantis space shuttle with the NASA logo photoshopped out.



    That's most std ever stock photo of "solar panels & wind turbines" from California. I mean even *i* have used this.


    That's the International Space Station, FFS. You can't point at it, put a lion on it, & say "Yeh kamal hai Modi ka."


    That's the Discovery shuttle. At least find stuff people can't recognise on sight.


    And I think that's INS Vikramaditya, but that flag...

    Others have also noticed these ~slight~ discrepancies in the video.

    @sandygrains the comments are more funny

    You can watch the video in all its CGI glory here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Use Google next time, Mr. Nihalani.

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