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    Priyanka Chopra Guided Chris Martin Home After He Confused Katrina Kaif With Kareena Kapoor On Stage

    She fixed him.

    Chris Martin, Priyanka Chopra, and BJP MP Poonam Mahajan went on stage at the Global Citizen concert, held in New York this weekend, to officially introduce India as part of the festival.

    Martin started by announcing the artists who would be joining him in Mumbai, but made an unfortunate faux pas when he got to the names of India's two most popular actresses...

    Chopra, standing next to him, made him realise his boo boo almost immediately...

    But she was gracious enough to not embarrass him about it too much.

    Martin, though, went on to roast himself even though she wouldn't.

    Watch Chris Martin and Priyanka Chopra be their charming selves (around a random politician) here:

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