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    Posted on 30 Sep 2015

    A Jail-Themed Restaurant Is Giving Discounts On Gandhi Jayanti To Help Diners "Feel His Sacrifice"

    "So let’s feel the heat of jail with tasty meals at Lockup restaurant.”

    Lockup, a prison-themed restaurant in Gurgaon, recently sent out a press release announcing a special Gandhi Jayanti offer for its diners.

    The release announced a "one plus one" discount on Chinese items and biryani on October 2, the day Mahatma Gandhi was born.

    Twitter: @arorakim

    "Lockup Restaurant with immense pleasure announces ONE PLUS ONE offer on Chinese items and the most delicious Biryani in the jail, to feel the sacrifice of the Great Mahatma Gandhi," the release states. "This day is a celebration for a Man who went to jail for our independence. So let's feel the heat of Jail with tasty meals at Lockup restaurant."

    The offer met with some hesitation online.

    Restaurant's Gandhi Jayanti press release: "Feel" the Mahatma's sacrifice with 1+1 on Chinese and biryani. Sure.

    When PR goes wrong.

    People pointed out the inappropriateness and irony of the offer being in honour of Mahatma Gandhi.

    @arorakim but Mahatma was almost always on a hunger strike @SahilRiz

    @arorakim @SahilRiz "Feel the heat of jail with tasty meals.." - Um, yeah!

    @arorakim @SahilRiz Thankfully the theme didn't extend to dress code also.

    And a lot of people were just aghast.

    you cant make this shit up. cc @thetanmay @mojorojo @stupidusmaximus

    You're joking, right?

    Umm, yeah.

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