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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Poke Fun At India's Open Defecation Problem

This segment has the Indian internet divided – tone-deaf and ignorant, or just innocent comedy?

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On June 19, Jimmy Kimmel aired a segment titled "Cash 4 Poop" on his talk show.

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It made fun of a new municipal corporation scheme in Ahmedabad through which people would be paid ₹1 to use public toilets instead of relieving themselves in the open.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

It then moved on to a fictitious PSA taking more jabs at the scheme and the rampant open defecation problem in India.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

With lack of toilets being a legit issue for 53% of the Indian population, the segment did not go down well with a lot of Indians.

Yo Kimmel, you're laughing at poverty here, that accent is ridic & you coulda looked up how to pronounce Ahmedabad.

Dear @jimmykimmel - do the research on villages,water,migrants & learned behaviour.Also UN cartoon in English hah!

@ShivAroor it seems more like haha look at poor Indian people pooping on roads than legit punchline @RegaJha


While others didn't see what the outrage was about.

@RegaJha he's laughing at government and it's in competency Not poverty. This is funny. @thetanmay @GabbbarSingh @samitbasu

That Jimmy Kimmel bit maybe in bad taste, but it sure as hell isn't "offensive".

@IBNLiveBuzz @ibnlive @jimmykimmel Ofcourse in a country in which we are offended by anything and everything why spare Jimmy Kimmel? :)

Saw the Jimmy Kimmel bit on India. It's as offensive as Peter Sellers, Apu from Simpsons or Koothrapali from Big Bang. Too sensitive we are.

To summarise.