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21 Things That Are Totally Normal In Delhi-NCR

Arms, ammunition and pets not allowed.

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3. Hotel names like this.

Spotted this in old Delhi while out late with @tarique_anwer who shared this pic with me. This is the 'Hotel's' name!

4. Fabulousity like this.

This sort of abomination can only be seen in Delhi! My eyes are hurting from witnessing this monstrosity. :/

5. Or this.

6. DIY security measures.

Jugaad. Our birth right. Specially when it comes to locking our assets. Delhi , Only In India

7. Signs like this.

8. Or this.

9. Or this. (Seriously, though. WTF?)

These boards u can see only in Delhi #noida

12. Specials like this.

Spotted in #Delhi at this lovely place called SpeakEasy. So cool and creative I say!

14. Matching accessories.

15. Totally appropriate ad placement.

#Spotted this #amazing ad in #Delhi metro!! Akhir Old & Physically Challenged ko bhi #kuchKUCHhotaHAI #instapic -->

16. Politics anywhichwhere.


17. Casual cuisine-appropriation.


18. Road safety.

This young couple was spotted in the Cantt area in New Delhi. #nuisance #sodelhi #doglove pic-sodelhi via instagram

19. Or not.

20. And monkeys.

The Delhi snapchat story had me laughing. Especially when I saw a monkey in the front of the motorcycle.

21. Lots of monkeys.

This Happens Only in Delhi! Do You Agree? ( back drop President House) http://t.co/ySvTlkDptw

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