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    Posted on 29 Oct 2015

    A Redditor Compared Modi To An Overly Attached Girlfriend And The Evidence Is Pretty Damning

    He's got a point, Mr. Prime Minister.

    Redditor spaceman2121 recently uploaded an album titled "Overly Attached Girlfriend: Narendra Modi Edition".

    As the name suggests, it compares him to an overly attached girlfriend through pictorial evidence of him clinging on to different people.

    And what can we say, he has a point.

    The man does love to hug people like he'll never let go of them.

    His expression here totally says that he's not going to leave, ever.

    And the passion in this embrace that is only reserved for someone you're going to stick by for all eternity.

    One user did bring up a relevant point about the title being conferred upon the PM.

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    But, hey, who are we to judge if he finds a connection with people so easily.

    You do you, Mr. Modi.


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