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Olacabs Sent Out Boats To Rescue People Trapped In The Chennai Floods

Good guy Ola.

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A lot of people have been joking about how radio taxi services should send out boats to rescue those in need.

#Ola can start #Boat & #Chopper services this time on per hour basis.. Business will be so good.. 😜

perfect time for OLA to bring economic boat and helicopter services in Chennai :p :D #Chennairains

Well, Olacabs just responded in the most amazing way by actually sending out boats across the city to ferry citizens to safety.

@msrdhoni Your suggestion helped. We now have #OLABoat ferrying people out of water logged areas.

People thought it was a hoax at first, before realising that it was totally 100% true.

Its not a joke anymore , @Olacabs have sent a boat to rescue people. #OlaBoat

The evacuations are being carried out without any charge, on the basis of information provided by by the Fire and Rescue Department of Tamil Nadu.

@vforvelvetta Yes it is! Happy to help in #chennairains


The boats are being manned by professional rowers and fishermen.

@Olacabs OLA boat in #chennairains . Proud of you #OLA people.

They are also providing food and drinking water in areas running short on supplies.

And everyone's really impressed by their proactiveness.

Love the way @Olacabs is going that extra mile with #OLABoat to rescue people. Hats off to you guys. #ChennaiRains

No kidding. #OlaBoat really? That's a brilliant move , @Olacabs

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