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Holy Shit, Deepika Padukone Just Cut Off Ranveer Singh's Moustache

Best boyfriend ever.

Over the past few months, Ranveer Singh has been sporting quite an epic moustache for his role as a Maratha warrior in Bajirao Mastani.

Well, not anymore. Deepika Padukone just took a pair of scissors and ruthlessly cut it off in a video for everyone to see.

And she did it with absolutely no hesitation too.

Just look at the glee on her face.

Ranveer, on the other hand, looks like he might not have been ready to let go yet.

Yep. It's gone.

Pehchaan Kaun ?!?! 😀😂 @deepikapadukone

Not cool, Deepika. Not cool.

This just happened !!!! @deepikapadukone 🙈

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