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This Dude Fighting Off A Sword-Wielding Goon Is Probably The Bravest Thing You'll See Today

Watch out, we got an actual badass over here.

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On August 11, shopkeeper Rajnish Singh Thakur was going about business with a customer in Chembur, Mumbai. Just an ordinary day. Nothing to see here.

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Which is when a man walked in and started attacking them... with a real life, giant-ass SWORD.

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But while a lot of people would've wanted to bail and GTFO, the customer wouldn't have any of it.

Seriously, look at him go. He literally fights him out of the store.

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"Not in my hood, son."

According to a Mid-Day report, Rajnish was being targetted by local goons for raising his voice against them. He said that he would have been killed if it wasn't for the intervention of the customer.

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Well done, sir.

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