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    How A Stolen Tweet With Over 50,000 RTs Gave Birth To A New Indian Joke Format

    Just another day on the internet.

    On Feb. 8, Twitter user @candinam wrote this microtale that got a few dozen retweets when it was first posted.

    Unfortunately, people soon started pointing out that the tweet seemed to have been plagiarised from The Scribbled Stories, an account that posts crowdsourced microtales.

    And as more and more people pointed out the theft, @candinam's tweet started getting more attention...

    Confidence toh thoos thoos ke dia hai bhagwan ne.

    So much attention that, just over 24 hours later, it had over 50,000 (!) retweets.

    The tweet is fast making its way up the list of most retweeted Indian tweets of ALL TIME, with Shah Rukh Khan holding the current record.

    This kid is so cool. May Allah bless him. Dinner time at the Asian Awards.

    His tweet has 1,51,000 RTs since April 2015 (albeit with a little help from Zayn fans).

    Of course, like with any event that's going viral, people started rushing to make fun of it.

    Spoke to my ex after 10 years "Still love me?" He asked "Bhag madarchod" i replied

    Spoke to my ex after 10 years. "Main kab tumhari gf thi?" She said.

    And before you knew it, a new joke format was born.

    Spoke to my ex after 10 years "Connaught place"? She asks Baitho madamji I said.

    It didn't take long for the trend to evolve beyond just text.

    And it doesn't look like the format is going to die anytime soon.

    Hey, even though the tweet might've been stolen, at least it's given rise to something funny, right?


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