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Never Forget The Time That Random Lady In Red Crashed India's Opening March At The 2012 Olympics

At least it didn't happen this time in Rio.

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But while everyone could identify the 83 athletes who made up the team, no one knew who this mysterious woman in red was or where she had come from:

Not only did the unidentified female seem to be part of the contingent, she actually seemed to be leading them ahead of Kumar.


She was eventually identified as Madhura Nagendra from Bengaluru, but not before her epic gatecrashing had caused panic on an international scale.

It turned out that Nagendra was just a performer at the ceremony who, through a deadly combination of lax security, chaos and overeagerness, got swept up with the contingent, and ended up front and centre in front of millions of people.


According to reports, she was only supposed to accompany the team till the track, but ended up leading them through the entire lap.