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It's Official: India's Worst Traffic Isn't In Mumbai Or Bengaluru, It's In Chennai

If you're not a fan of early workdays and constant jams, Hyderabad is the city for you. (H/t Ola)

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In contrast, it turns out that Hyderabad is India's fastest city, with an average ride speed of 27.1 km/hr.

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New Delhi is second at 26.5 km/hr, with Pune and Mumbai following close at 21.9 km/hr and 21.5 km/hr respectively.

Hyderabad offices also have the latest start time at 9:54 a.m. which, coupled with its fast traffic, pretty much makes it the best place to work in India.

Ola also released data that pinpointed specific locations with the worst traffic in each city.

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Bengaluru residents will not be surprised to see that the Silk Board signal has the most notorious bottlenecks in the city.