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    This Woman Ripped Apart The New "Mohenjo Daro" Posters For Their Historical Inaccuracies

    It's already happened.

    Bollywood has faced a lot of criticism for taking creative liberties while depicting real and historical events in its movies.

    SLB Films

    Well, the poster for Ashutosh Gowariker's Mohenjo Daro, starring Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde, just dropped and people have ALREADY found flaws in its version of the ancient Indus Valley civlisation.


    In just six tweets, Twitter user Ruchika Sharma pointed out the flaws in the depiction.

    Boss, what sick orientalism is this? Who told them that Harappans had these feathers in their hair?

    I'm really done with Bollywood depicting tribal/clannish societies in such stereotypical terms, feathers in their hair, paint on their faces

    I mean, there are literally hundreds of terracotta figurines depicting Harappan women. Take a cue?

    Among other things, Sharma called out the film for showing Hegde's character as fair-skinned.

    Also, in all probability the Harappans were dark complexioned. Yeh kya fair and lovely bias hai?

    Everyone knows the the (migrating) Aryans had a fair complexion.Not the Harappans. But fair is all that works for BTown.Thoroughly disgusted

    She also questioned the use of hieroglyphics in the poster.

    Also half of those signs in the background are not from Harappan pictography. Some are hierogylphs. #Facepalm

    Others have also found things that are off about the poster.

    Seriously, Bollywood. Get it together.


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