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    Posted on 9 Jun 2016

    A Newspaper Suggested We Go Easy On Tarun Tejpal And Twitter Took No Time To Set Things Straight

    Tejpal was charged with sexually assaulting a co-worker, which "Mid-Day" described today as simply "a grave error".

    In November 2013, Tehelka founder Tarun Tejpal was accused and arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a co-worker.

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    He was let out on bail in July 2014, but not before receiving huge backlash in the media and the massive coverage that the case got.

    On June 9, Mid-Day published this article titled "Time for a RE-THINK?" that questioned whether the response to the allegations had been too harsh, and deemed his alleged crimes just a "grave error".


    The article did not go down well with a LOT of people, who made their displeasure known.

    Rape committed by Tarun Tejpal is suddenly just a 'grave error' for 'liberal voices'. Excuse me. Rapist is a Rapist.

    Everyone, including journalists from other publications, called out the paper for trying to temper public anger against a sex offender.

    Thousands of people piled on and made sure that any insensitive conversations around the case were shut down...

    And that there are no excuses for rape, no matter who you are.

    This incident comes in the midst of worldwide outrage – including among Indians – over a shortened 6-month jail sentence given to a student who raped a woman on Stanford's campus.


    The judge deemed that a lengthy sentence would “have a severe impact” on him, which launched a global conversation about how far society goes to protect men from the impacts of their crimes, rather than to protect women from those crimes to begin with.

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