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    This Guy Was Tired Of Relatives Asking Him About Marriage, So He Did A Couples Shoot...With Himself

    Well, that's one way to shut 'em up.

    If you're an Indian older than 20, chances are that relatives and neighbours ask you about your marriage plans on a regular basis, even though you've never had a single conversation with them ever before.

    Music producer Nikhil Malik is one such unfortunate soul, and he recently decided to take matters into his own hands because he'd had enough of everyone's prying questions.

    He called up his friend Bhumika Bhatia, a photographer, and set up a shoot to announce to everyone concerned that he had, in fact, found "the one".

    And, well, let's just say that the shoot was pretty ~iconic~.

    Over two hours, Malik posed as both halves of the "couple" in his relationship, even as the uncles and aunties in the park did double takes at what was going on.

    "We came up with this shoot to basically shut every Indian relative's mouth by saying that you don't need to be with someone to make yourself happy, you are enough," she added.

    "We want to see how everyone will react, and want the young ones to show it to their families and relatives and say, 'listen, here's your answer, I love myself'."

    You can follow Bhumika's work on Instagram and Facebook.