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    Sushma Swaraj Appealed On Behalf Of "African Citizens" And Twitter Made Her Regret It Instantly

    Always copy check your tweets.

    In the past week, citizens of Uganda, South Africa, and Nigeria were attacked in three separate incidents in New Delhi.

    With the issue of racism coming to a head, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj went on Twitter to appeal to Indians about being nicer to them.

    I appeal to fellow Indians. Next time you meet an African citizen, pl shake hand and say 'India loves you'. Pl RT

    Unfortunately, people were quick to point out a teeny problem with Swaraj's phrasing of the tweet.

    Users piled on to the tweet, taking the opportunity to talk about similar issues within the country itself.

    @SushmaSwaraj sure madam, also do appeal to fellow bhakts: next time you meet a Muslim or a Dalit, pl shake hand and say 'India loves you'.

    .@SushmaSwaraj I appeal to the BJP. Next time you meet a member of the LGBT community, pl shake hand and say 'India loves you'. Pl RT

    .@SushmaSwaraj Ma'am, first appeal to these Shiv Sena-MNS guys first, that next time they meet a Bihari guy, say "Maharashtra loves you".

    And of course, Twitter being Twitter, there were jokes:

    Next time you meet a 90s kid please shake hand and say your childhood was awesome

    Lots of jokes.

    An African reacts after being told "India loves you"

    Don't worry, Ms. Swaraj. Twitter loves you (probably).


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