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This TV Show Is Under Fire For Ripping Off Its Trailer From An Indian YouTube Video

The trailer for Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant has a premise similar to a 2015 YouTube Comedy Hunt sketch.

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In September 2015, YouTube channel Random Chikibum released a sketch titled "Marriage Counseling" as part of the YouTube Comedy Hunt.

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The sketch involved a man complaining about his wife to his therapist, even though she matches the typical stereotypes of an ideal woman, much to the therapist's frustration.


Random Chikibum posted the two videos on their social media pages alleging plagiarism by Life OK.

A lot of people have noticed the similarities, including many Indian stand up comedians who have been rallying for action to be taken against the show.

@awryaditi @LifeOKTV @randomchikibum @YouTubeIndia Hope they're being taken to court over this. Needs to happen.

Well if you think this is copied from , and you think it's not right, please RT

Hey @LifeOKTV Is this true ?? Please revert !


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