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A Journalist Live-Tweeted The High Court's SAVAGE Takedown Of The Censor Board Over "Udta Punjab"

Faith in the judiciary restored.

Over the past week, the makers of Udta Punjab have been locked in an intense tussle with the Censor Board to get their film certified.

Balaji Telefilms

The board refused to pass the film without 13 pretty major cuts, including the removal of all expletives, which the producers refused to make.

Earlier today, the case moved to the Bombay High Court, where the judge asked the Censor Board lawyers to explain the reasons behind EVERY cut they had demanded.

CBFC vs Udta Punjab: CBFC says "Till Tommy is a drug addict we understand he can cuss, why is he cussing after he reforms as well?" 😂😂

In a massively viral thread, India Today journalist Shilpa Rathnam live-tweeted the court's hilarious and savage response to the Censor Board, in which it took apart their entire case.

You can skip ahead for the TL;DR (but don't, their judgment is worth a read).

CBFC: We were told film is in Hindi, but both Hindi and Punjabi are spoken. Judge: Are you saying you ordered cuts without understanding?

Judge: Give the film a certificate, what is the need for cuts?

Judge: Audiences are direct and open today. People born after 1980 are very mature. So why are you worried?

Judge to CBFC: For action to be taken you need to provoke. Multiplex audiences are discerning. How can you decide which word's right/wrong?

Judge: Film industry is not made of glass that you need to "handle with care." If you ask for so many cuts why is the point? Audience knows.

Judge: It comes down to only one question, does the film glorify drugs? CBFC: Yes Judge: Then why have you not banned the film?

Judge: CBFC should only certify, not censor. The public is the biggest censor. CBFC doesn't need to censor.

Judge: Has CBFC discharged its functions from 1952 onwards with utmost care? We are fed up of all this.

Judge: If the film is only filled with expletives then the audience won't watch the film. Why are you giving the film so much publicity?

Judge: We want creative people to survive and the industry to survive. You have to show the reality.

Judge: Why can't you beep the expletives? Udta Punjab lawyer: This is a realistic film. That's how people talk in these parts.

HC indicates that it will set aside 12 cuts and will allow Udta Punjab to release with just 1 cut.

TL;DR – The court basically told the Censor Board to mind its own business and do the job it was assigned, which is to certify films, and not play moral guardians. It also told them that Indian audiences were mature enough to discern what is objectionable to them.

The final verdict will be given on Monday, Jun 13.

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