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    Here's How Old Shah Rukh Khan's Leading Ladies Were When He Made His Film Debut

    A Tumblr user has pointed out something way creepy.

    Since his Bollywood debut as a 27-year-old, Shah Rukh Khan has romanced a lot of women on screen.

    Yash Raj Films / Via BuzzFeed

    A Tumblr user posed an interesting question about the actresses he's worked with over the years.

    Well, time to find out.

    Madhuri Dixit — 25 years old

    Ultra Movies / Via

    Juhi Chawla — 25 years old

    Tips / Via

    Aishwarya Rai — 19 years old

    Pepsi / Via

    Kajol — 18 years old

    Lehren TV / Via

    Karisma Kapoor — 18 years old

    Lehren TV / Via

    Clearly, the guy's got game.

    Yash Raj Films / Via

    Preity Zinta — 17 years old

    Sushmita Sen — 17 years old

    Lehren TV / Via

    Rani Mukerji — 14 years old

    Dew Drop / Via

    Okay, this is weird now.

    Eros Labs / Via

    Kareena Kapoor — 12 years old

    viewsindia / Via

    Priyanka Chopra — 10 years old

    Basha Chowdhary / Via

    No, wait. It gets worse.

    Red Chillies Entertainment / Via

    Katrina Kaif — 8 years old

    bollywoodz / Via
    Yash Raj Films / Via

    Deepika Padukone — 6 years old

    gvrnetwork / Via
    Red Chillies Entertainment / Via

    Anushka Sharma — 4 years old

    gvrnetwork / Via
    Yash Raj Films / Via

    Of course, this is a Bollywood-wide thing. Katrina was 2, and Anushka was three years from being born, when Aamir Khan made his debut.

    UTV Stars / Via

    Seriously, guys. Stahp.

    Eros International / Via

    H/t hasretbhara

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