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11 Pictures Of Aamir And Shah Rukh Khan Pretending To Be Taller Than They Are

You might be good actors, but you're not thaaaaat good.

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Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan are two legendary superstars who are tall in stature.

Ritam Banerjee / Getty Images

But they're not tall in height.

Strdel / Getty Images

They've always found creative ways to not let their vertically-challenged bodies come in the way of their heroic personas, though.

Strdel / Getty Images

1. Like making their co-stars scooch down against walls.

YRF / Via

2. Or using distractions, like random body parts on fire, to magically gain 1.5 feet like its NBD.


3. Ah, the classic big hair tactic.

Red Chillies Entertainments / Via

4. Using ropes to lift himself above his co-star.

Vinod Chopra Films / Via

5. Rab ne bana di disproportionate jodi.

YRF / Via

6. What better way to mask your tininess than by hiding your body in a drum?

Vinod Chopra Films

7. Making his juniors slouch to look taller.

Dharma Productions / Via

8. Making his less popular co-star observe bad posture to look taller.

Excel Entertainment / Via

9. Even the hair poof can't deter a master height-faker like SRK.

Red Chillies Entertainment

10. The dudes at the back are, like, "Stop this sorcery."

YRF / Via

11. Your face when your co-star is the same height as you, but even that's not acceptable to keep your hero persona alive.

Dharma Productions / Via