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    Twitter Shaded Farhan Akhtar's Hoarse Voice All Day And Even He Joined In The Sass

    Troll on.

    Ever since his mainstream debut as a singer in Rock On, questions about Farhan Akhtar's voice and artistic talent have followed his stage career.

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    So it was no surprise that he started getting trolled on Twitter when it was announced that he would be one of the acts performing at the NH7 Weekender later this year.

    Catch @FarOutAkhtar live in Shillong and Hyderabad this year! #lineup2016

    People started going to town on the poor guy:

    I have woken up to the sound of a thousand croaking frogs. I don't need to go to NH7 and hear Farhan Akhtar.

    whatever you may think, i like that indie music festivals are supporting new, undiscovered talent like Farhan Akhtar

    Jesus. Farhan akhtar is coming to NH7. And thank goodness, NH7 is not coming to Bangalore! Safe.

    Kumar Sanu reacts to the Farhan Akhtar at Nh7 announcement #obligatory

    When a tweet called for Akhtar to join forces with similarly hoarse-voiced Rani Mukerji, the organisers of the fest decided to join in the fun.

    CEO of OML, Vijay Nair, tagged the star in the tweet asking for a Farhan Akhtar and Rani Mukerji death metal act...

    And, to his credit, Akhtar replied with a pretty sporting pun and managed to get the last word in.

    @vijay_nair @KabirTaneja starting my 'rasp'berry juice diet right away..

    Rock on, Farhan. There's no pleasing the internet.

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