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    Posted on 2 Mar 2016

    16 Hilarious Tweets Responding To The #RemoveMughalsFromBooks Hashtag

    "#RemoveMughalsFromBooks and put them in PDF form for ease of access please."

    In a recent speech in the Lok Sabha, HRD Minister Smriti Irani brought up an old school textbook about Indian history, saying it promoted an anti-national mindset amongst students.

    Raveendran / Getty Images

    The book contained controversial content dealing with Shivaji and the Mughals, and was allegedly discontinued over a decade ago.

    Supporters took her speech one step further by calling for a complete ban on Mughal history being taught in Indian schools, and trending #RemoveMughalsFromBooks on Twitter.

    Mughals were invaders, Outsider, Looters They murdered Indian religiously, n made Religious Slaves by Conversion. So #RemoveMughalsFromBooks

    And even though it became India's top trending topic in a few hours, Twitter users didn't take the tag too seriously, taking over it with some hilarious reactions.


    HRD minister trying to #RemoveMughalsFromBooks


    #RemoveMughalsFromBooks and add DLF, Parsvnath, Lodha group and Amrapali group in history because they have constructed more than Mughals


    Scene in school After #RemoveMughalsFromBooks .. Who build Tajmahal? - Teacher Shenshah Narendra Damodar das Modi - Students


    #RemoveMughalsFromBooks and put them in PDF form for ease of access please


    #RemoveMughalsFromBooks. Next up, #RemoveDalitsFromBooks. Oh wait, there aren't any in the first place.


    "Shivaji was a brave fighter. In 1659 he fought a war against...Mu..ermm..against Mutants. Yeah, mutants are real" #RemoveMughalsfromBooks


    Here's what Bhakts look like when they say #RemoveMughalsFromBooks


    #RemoveMughalsFromBooks Really liked that Gowarikar movie Jodha Akash


    Wait, #RemoveMughalsFromBooks? Because you don't like what they did? That's how history works! You know: like Gandhiji's murder. Or, Godhra.


    We can #RemoveMughalsFromBooks and just tell our future generations that the documents dating from 1526 to 1707 were stolen by Umar Khalid!


    Dear sanghis. This is @iHrithik , Akbar didn't look like him. Dont be jealous. No need to #RemoveMughalsFromBooks


    #RemoveMughalsFromBooks Is trending.. But don't remove them from restaurants.. πŸ˜€πŸ–πŸ—


    Before you #RemoveMughalsFromBooks, can you please remove calculus?


    Those who are saying #RemoveMughalsFromBooks are the same people who order Fat Cutter from TVC.



    "So what happened in these 300 years?" "NOTHING!" "Arre...but something must.." "NO! La la la ...can't hear you..." #RemoveMughalsFromBooks

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