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Indians Have Been Trolling This Dude From London For Years Because Of His Twitter Handle

Ziad M. Kane has nothing to do with Zee TV, but that hasn't stopped anyone from raging at him.

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This is Ziad "Zee" M. Kane, an entrepreneur from London.

Zee joined Twitter in 2007.
Twitter: @Zee

Zee joined Twitter in 2007.

And Zee is one of India's largest TV networks, comprised of several news, entertainment, and sports channels.

Zee TV

Zee, the TV network, has a number of haters.

Unfortunately, a lot of that hate gets directed to the Twitter handle @Zee which, of course, belongs to Ziad.

Zee has tried to clear the misconception around his handle, to little avail.

In an email to BuzzFeed India, Zee pointed out that he gets mistakenly mentioned about eight times a day.

"The spamming has happened on/off for a while but definitely feels like it has picked up over the course of the last year," he said.

Zee has been blamed for a lot of decisions he neither made nor understands

“I try to ignore it but it’s not easy," he said. "I have OCD so I like a clean mentions timeline!”

He still patiently tries to make a lot of people understand his predicament, though.

A loooooooot of people.

We asked him if he plans to change his handle and he said, "Hell no."

In fact, he has quite a sense of humour about it. "I might just change my avatar to Zee TV’s logo for a laugh every now & again, and make announcements that they have to answer for," he said. "That’d be a bit of fun.”

For all the spam, Zee does have the sympathy of a lot of people.

Not more than his trolls, though.

We feel your pain, Zee.