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    Posted on 10 Oct 2016

    High-Earning Women Are Using Sarcastic "Queries" To Rip Apart ICICI's Sexist Ad On Facebook

    A true masterclass in trollage.

    On October 6, ICICI released an ad for their new banking app with the caption, "How to calm down your angry wife on a chat".

    The ad begins with a woman whose card gets declined when she's out jewellery shopping. She gets mad at her husband, who instantly transfers money to her account through the app, thus "calming her down".

    The video was up on ICICI's page for three days before analyst and statistician Gowri Thampi came across it, and instantly had a query for them.

    What ensued after the bank replied was some hilarious trolling from Thampi, who couldn't wrap her head around their sexist portrayal of women.

    Once Thampi opened the floodgates, other users joined in to savagely rip the ad and its stereotypes apart.

    "Even if it was a joint account, how would the wife's only concern be paying for jewellery if it is 'cleaned'? I thought the best way to show my outrage would be some sarcastic humour," Thampi told BuzzFeed.

    "I believe eliminating sexism at the root even when it seems benign is important in removing gender-based crimes from society and having dignity for everyone irrespective of gender," she added.


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