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A Russian Billionaire Put Ads In Newspapers Around The World Asking For Help To Look For Aliens

The call to action was taken out by entrepreneur and philanthropist Yuri Milner to announce the launch of the "Breakthrough Listen" project.

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It was released to announce the launch of a $100 million project "Breakthrough Listen" that brings together scientists from around the world in the largest ever search for extraterrestrial life.

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"Breakthrough Listen" is part of the SETI program that has been searching for life in ouer space since 1960.

"There is a big, philosophical question which people have been asking for years, are we alone in the universe? I thought it is a big enough question for someone to do something about," Milner told The Times of India.

The initiative will also conduct a million dollar international competition "Breakthrough Message" to create digital messages that best represent humanity and planet Earth.


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