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Look At This Crowd Of Grown-Ass Adults Scurrying Around A Chennai Park Looking For A Rare Pokémon

What a time to be alive.

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Quick refresher for the n00bs – Pokémon Go is the biggest game in the whole damn universe right now. It involves following a map to real world locations, to catch virtual Pokémon on your phone.

Pictured above is a Pokéwalk, where hundreds of people gather in a common location to play the game together.

On July 18, Chennai resident Vignesh Pillai shot this video in a park in Anna Nagar, after Pokémon Go players were alerted to the presence of a Blastoise in the area.

Facebook: video.php

What he captured was something truly special – dozens upon dozens of grown-ass adults scurrying around in vain to find the elusive creature... that doesn't exist except in a video game.