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A Zomato Customer Care Rep Had The Best Conversation With A Hungry And Frustrated Punjabi Guy

Well played.

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However, one Zomato customer in New Delhi had a surprisingly amazing experience recently, when he became BFFs with an executive over the course of one hilarious chat session. / Via Twitter: @pankajchaddah

The customer was having trouble finding a restaurant near his location, and decided to use the app's chat support feature to forward his query.

When the executive couldn't solve his problem, the frustrated customer switched to his native language, Punjabi, to vent. Amusingly enough, the executive immediately switched to Punjabi too and diffused the situation.


While the nuances are hard to translate, here's a rough estimate of how the conversation went after the two switched to Punjabi:

Customer: Yaar, I've done this same thing many times but it's not happening.

Executive: I know, but you have to understand that it's not in my control. If you face this problem again, come and tell us so that we can talk to the restaurant and resolve the issue.

Customer: I understand, yaar. I just updated my app recently. Let's see if the dumb thing can search now.

Executive: Update it again and let me know what restaurants you find near you. I have to leave now, but just drop a message if you need us.

Customer: Yes, friend. I shall. But thanks a lot!

Executive: No problem.

Customer: God bless.

Executive: You also. :)

Customer: Tell me your name so I can give you a good review during feedback.

Executive: :) My name is ____.

Customer: Ok ______, thanks. You were really helpful. Cheers.

Executive: Cheers to you too. :D

Zomato co-founder Pankaj Chaddah read the conversation and tweeted it to his followers.

Came across this brilliant conversation between our customer care team and a hungry Punjabi 😂