"For the Ambanis, everyone is Alexa."

Sahil Rizwan • 5 days ago

If you're trying your hand at adulting, you need all of these.

Sahil Rizwan • 9 days ago

TL;DR – this couple either has a great sense of humour and is very secure... or Ajay Devgn needs to work on his husband skills.

Sahil Rizwan • 13 days ago

Don't let wedding season bankrupt you.

Sahil Rizwan • 18 days ago

If your sleep cycle is as wonky as mine, you need this.

Sahil Rizwan • 24 days ago

Put a sock in it (your shopping list, that is).

Sahil Rizwan • 26 days ago

"I think Kareena would have a nervous breakdown if I called her 'Chhoti Maa' or something."

Sahil Rizwan • 27 days ago

"Ranveer must have saved a country in his past life to be able to call Deepika his wife now."

Sahil Rizwan • One month ago

Convenient solutions so you can fully embrace that sloth life.

Sahil Rizwan • One month ago

"To keep up with Ranveer's energy... Hats off to Deepika."

Sahil Rizwan • One month ago

Another week, another sale, another wish list for you to update.

Sahil Rizwan • One month ago

If you're looking for novelty gifts, look no further.

Sahil Rizwan • One month ago

The biggest problem Indians have with the First World is a problem no more.

Sahil Rizwan • One month ago

If you haven't gone gift shopping yet, this is your chance.

Sahil Rizwan • 2 months ago

There are many who have voiced their support for Dutta, while others are accusing her of publicity-mongering. And then there are those who've shut their eyes completely.

Sahil Rizwan • 2 months ago

Begin to feel like a beard god.

Sahil Rizwan • 2 months ago

Super useful *and* super cheap.

Sahil Rizwan • 2 months ago

"Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya?"

Sonia Mariam Thomas • 3 months ago

Just a reminder.

Sahil Rizwan • 3 months ago

With further downpours predicted till at least August 18, lakhs of affected people need your support more than ever.

Sahil Rizwan • 4 months ago