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    15 Of The Most Popular Home Improvement Products On Amazon Right Now

    Tried, tested, and highly recommended.

    1. This heavy-duty power strip that can fuel up to four devices at the same time - ₹472

    2. This dishwashing soap dispenser that ensures less wastage and just looks really cool - ₹156

    3. This long handle no-dust broom that'll get dust out from the most unreachable of places - ₹265

    4. Pair it with this mop and bucket set that's easy to use and rinse without breaking your back - ₹979

    5. This automatic water pump that you can stick straight on a 20-litre can and stop worrying about having to awkwardly flip it on to a dispenser - ₹389

    6. This five-piece screwdriver set that's a must-have for you to take care of small fixes around the house - ₹176

    7. This angular toilet brush that comes with its own stand for easy storage - ₹273

    8. This flexible bottle cleaner that'll scrub everything for you from the inside out - ₹170

    9. This flex box that extends up to five metres and is essential if the plug points in your house are few and far apart - ₹309

    10. This foldable microfibre duster with a long handle that'll have your fans looking shiny and new - ₹389

    The microfibre duster being used to clean a fan.

    11. This set of 10 adhesive cable organisers that'll prevent all your wires from getting tangled up and looking messy - ₹289

    12. This flexible faucet attachment that has 360-degree rotation and different pressure settings for the best experience while doing dishes - ₹399

    13. This pack of four microfibre cleaning cloths that can be used for everything from drying dishes to dusting windows - ₹269

    14. This hot glue gun that's both fun and convenient to use - ₹179

    15. And this pack of 10 self-adhesive wall hooks that can be installed anywhere and can carry loads of up to 10kg - ₹219