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    Kalki Koechlin Schooled Some Rude-Ass Reporters About Feminism

    Shut that shit down.

    Kalki Koechlin recently attended the FICCI Ladies Organisation's first event in Jaipur to perform her powerful monologue, The Truths Of Womanhood.

    According to Jaipur Women Blog, a reporter asked Koechlin, "Kalki, aren’t you ashamed of using words that are not acceptable in our society?" to which she responded with this:

    Another reporter then asked Koechlin, "Why are you against men? Has this anger increased after you got divorced?" and Koechlin shut it down.

    Following the event, Koechlin also took to Twitter to make things clear to everyone.

    'Feminism (noun) - the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.' Nothing more, nothing less.

    Preach, Kalki.