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Watch Nimrat Kaur Prove Her Acting Chops In 40 Seconds

Her career may only just be taking off, but this gorgeous film star has got the versatility to match the best of them.

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You've seen Nimrat Kaur act in music videos, short films, movies and TV shows.

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From a lonely middle-class housewife in the critically-acclaimed "The Lunchbox"...

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To a badass ISI agent in the latest season of "Homeland".


Apparently, she's got the range to play any role she wants.

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When GQ India got her to be the cover girl for their latest issue, they put this theory to test.

GQ India / Via

How many different ways can you ask someone to pass you the salt?

GQ India / Via

If you're Nimrat Kaur, turns out that it's a lot.

GQ India / Via

Heck, she doesn't even need to talk to get shit done.

GQ India / Via

Watch Nimrat Kaur in her element here.

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