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    Posted on 3 Oct 2016

    21 Hilarious Tweets That'll Make Perfect Sense To Any Indian Dude

    "If your mom hates your haircut, you have a fantastic haircut."


    If your mom hates your hair cut, you have a fantastic hair cut.


    Me: Yaar relationship mein bahot problems chal rahi hai. Friend [who hasn't dated a human being in 25 years]: Meri baat dhyaan se sunn


    Friends pay restaurant bills on a de-tu-de basis.


    I prefer wearing full-sleeved shirts, just so that I can roll them up before tackling any tough situation life puts me in.


    Somewhere between "Hum sab khel rahe hai, jaldi aaja" and "Milne ka plan bana lo yaar", we grew up.


    Guy: "I have been selected to go to Mars" Indian Parents: "Kiske saath ja rahe ho?"


    Indian dad: "My son is missing!" Police: "FIR likhwaani padegi. How would you describe him?" Dad: "Not half as good as Sharma ji's son"


    Son: can I go to my friend's house fr party? Dad: Dnt ask me. Ask your mom Mom: Dnt ask me. Ask your dad Son: bc,ghar h ya SBI ki branch?


    If you buy a royal enfield, it will wait 3 months for you then go to ladakh by itself.


    When you go to home from hostel after 6 months.


    Indian mother logic: After 1 missed call: He is busy. I'll call later. After 2 calls: Why is he so busy? After 3 calls: Oh no. He's dead.


    New age friendships are built on love, trust and "Kaun kaun si series hai tere paas? Teri hard disk de mujhe."


    Mom: Mausi ko dekha? Me: Ruko dhundta hu *In loud voice* Maa meri ek gf hai Mausi: *prakats* Mene to pehle hi kaha tha ye ladk.. Me: Ye rahi


    *Joins office* *Earns 5k per month* Mom: I'm proud of u *Works from home* *Earns 50k per month* Mom: Koi naukri kyun nahi dhund leta?


    *spots one grey hair in beard* FUK YEA I'M GEORGE CLOONEY! #GuyLogic


    When all your friends decide to get married one by one and you're single.


    Masturbate twice before proposing a girl; You might realize that it was just a crush & not love.


    Whenever I set off to give my exam and My mom asks "Kuch Bhoola To Nahi" .. My Soul screams inside "Padhna .. Padhna Bhool Gaya " ..


    Women's body wash: Honey, Butter, Sunshine Men's body wash: ICE BLAST, LIGHTNING ATTACK, POWER THRUST, V8 ENGINE, GUNPOWDER, GENOCIDE


    Just tried that Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. Would have been perfect if there was a shower gel made out of peanuts to go with it.


    Similarities between me and Mowgli: Can wear same chaddi for five years.

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