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    Updated on 25 Jul 2018. Posted on 29 Sep 2015

    14 People Who've Had Their Faith Shattered By A Packet Of Lays

    "50% Chips, 50% Air, 100% disappointment."

    1. This devastated soul.

    2. This confused woman.

    3. This girl, who had the trauma follow her everywhere.

    4. This guy, who found someone to share the pain with.

    5. This guy, who went delusional.

    6. This girl, who made the most of her sad situation.

    7. This thankful cat.

    8. This spiritual leader.

    9. This person, who was blown away by the disappointment.

    10. This arithmetic wiz.

    11. This enterprising dude.

    12. This matter-of-fact guy.

    13. And this guy, whose seen the other side.

    Twitter: @pradeepraina0

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