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13 Single Desi Men Who Had No Chill

There's just so much love on the internet.

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1. This dude, who proved that you don't have to be at a bar to get fake-numbered.

2. This guy, who went from 0 to 60 in one tweet.

3. This guy, for whom the straight-outta-bed look was a dealbreaker.

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4. This man, who doesn't know how RSVPs work.

5. This bromie, who wants to give the term "sister-wife" a whole new meaning.

6. This dude, who has chill = 0.

7. This dude, who isn't so "smmart" when it comes to pickup lines.

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8. This budding photographer, who went from sharing his portfolio to sharing his heart.

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9. This smooth operator, who doesn't like the silent treatment.

10. This model citizen.

11. This man, who likes getting straight to the point.

12. This chap, who knows it's important to be polite even when you're creeping.

13. And this optimist, who just won't take no for an answer.