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16 Hilarious Reactions To British Airways Not Knowing Who Sachin Tendulkar Is

"India-UK relations reach their lowest since independence."

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November 13, 2015, will forever be marked as the day Sachin Tendulkar proved that even gods have to deal with bad customer service sometimes.

Angry Disappointed and Frustrated.. #BAdserviceBA Family member's Waitlisted ticket not confirmed despite seats being available (1/2)

He took to Twitter to vent about British Airways and how they mishandled one of his family members' flight bookings.

And luggage being tagged by @British_Airways to wrong destination and don't care attitude! #NeveronBA (2/2)


One of sport's biggest superstars tweeting against you is bad enough already, but then they made the ultimate PR faux pas by publicly acknowledging they didn't know who he was.

@sachin_rt We're sorry to hear this Sachin, could you please DM us your baggage ref, full name and address so we can look into this for you?

1. Let's just say that it came as no surprise when Twitter LOST. ITS. SHIT.

.@British_Airways First you don't return kohinoor, Now @sachin_rt luggage also!! How much we should tolerate?!


Modiji, @British_Airways has misplaced @sachin_rt 's luggage...



.@narendramodi Sir BA lost Sachin's bags please come home at once


The Sachin vs BA exchange proves one thing. BA's twitter account hasn't been outsourced to India.


Condition of the person handling @British_Airways account after @sachin_rt 's tweets


In other news, Sharapova is handling British Airways' Twitter account.


@sachin_rt @British_Airways Sachin tell modi he is in London with Cameron. He will solve this immediately. Or inform MEA



You may get away insulting gods India but asking Sachin Tendulkar his full name takes blasphemy to a whole new level. #BanBritishAirways 😄


Sachin bearing burden of expectations of 1.2 billion people for 24 yrs, British Airways couldn't bear burden of his luggage for 10 hrs


@British_Airways Ask him, #NeveronBA


Obama to Modi: I know yaar, even I know more about cricket's God than @British_Airways does


British Airways feeling just like Shane Warne used to feel under a Sachin onslaught



There’s something comforting about Sachin having to reach twitter to complain about service providers. Faith in life restored.


Two big historical mistakes by the British. Asking Aamir Khan for dugna lagaan& then losing sachin Tendulkar 's baggage.


Sachin lost his baggage. India's lost it.

In a true show of how much love Sachin still commands, #BritishAirways and #NeverOnBA started trending in India within 15 minutes of his complaint tweet.

#neveronba is now trending in India

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