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A Delhi Restaurant Is Offering 20% Off After Indian Army Strikes, With The Discount Code "FPak"

As a response to widespread online outrage against the restaurant, a Burger Singh representative told BuzzFeed, they've now increased the discount to 30%.

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Earlier today, the Indian army announced that it had conducted surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the Line of Control late on Wednesday night.

Money Sharma / AFP / Getty Images

The attacks come in light of clashes between the Indian army and Pakistani terrorists in Uri that led to the deaths of multiple Indian soldiers on September 18.

(Representative image of Indian Army soldiers demonstrating combat skills during the Army Day parade in New Delhi in January, 2016)

Just hours after the news broke, Gurgaon-based restaurant chain Burger Singh announced that it would be offering 20% off on all orders "in light of the surgical strike by India defence forces".

The chain was immediately called out for its insensitivity and opportunistic behaviour.

Dear @BurgerSinghs, You mixed up patriotism with jingoism. Celebrating a surgical strike with a discount on burgers…


"Why is it insensitive to celebrate action against terror? We are AGAINST terrorism and love our nation. It was never our intention to hurt, harm or otherwise prejudice anyone or their beliefs," a Burger Singh representative told BuzzFeed.

Facebook: BurgerSinghIndia

"We would further like to establish that we support the government's decisive and prompt action to preserve the honour of our armed forces and the dignity of our country."

Far from bowing to the outrage, Burger Singh told BuzzFeed that it would be increasing the discount to 30%.