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Twitter Took Apart This UP Tourism Tweet Seemingly Written By Joey Tribbiani With A Thesaurus

The jocosity of the repartee was exemplary.

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But their hilarious and unnecessarily complicated choice of words made it seem like this scene from Friends had come to life.

Twitter just couldn't get enough of the tourism board's vocabulary and went to town on them.

The lexical luxuriance embodied in this tweet is a testament to the adroitness of the wordsmith who whittled it. https://t.co/KZrtgobGMU

Hiring Tip: Never hire social media interns preparing for GMAT! https://t.co/XX9nbxLTyR … … #ReasonsToUP #fail

When you have just one attempt left to clear the English backlog exam https://t.co/62qIG37DFu

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