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    Everything You Need To Know About The Rousing Speech That Made #KanhaiyaKumar Trend Worldwide

    "The prime minister speaks of 'Mann Ki Baat', but he doesn't listen."

    On March 3, Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader Kanhaiya Kumar was released on bail from Tihar Jail after being arrested on charges of sedition three weeks ago.

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    Kumar received a hero's welcome back on campus, following which he gave a fiery speech in which he took on everyone from the government to Prime Minister Modi himself.

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    NDTV India
    NDTV India
    NDTV India
    NDTV India

    Kumar's speech was telecast live on almost all national news channels simultaneously for a full hour.

    NDTV India

    And it was all anyone could talk about.

    I have a feeling we are witnessing something big. Just a hunch. #KanhaiyaKumar

    You may or may not agree with #KanhaiyaKumar 's left ideology, but how can you not appreciate this brilliant, confident boy !

    #KanhaiyaKumar - Best product of #MakeInIndia so far !! 👌👌

    While the government's supporters tried to play Kumar's speech down, everyone else agreed that he had come out on top.

    Finished watching #KanhaiyaKumar speech again, finally a formidable voice against Sangh-vad, where many political parties failed. Humbling.

    #KanhaiyaKumar was the top trend on Twitter in India for hours after the speech, and also the fifth-most talked about hashtag worldwide.

    Modi ji's JNU cleanup operation @mrindia420 #KanhaiyaKumar

    Modi after hearing #KanhaiyaKumar speech

    You can watch Kumar's full speech here:

    View this video on YouTube

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