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    Everyone Needs To Read This Indian Politician's Letter Supporting Net Neutrality

    "It's not an 'elitist' problem. The internet is a social network that will help bridge social, economic and regional divides."

    Tathagata Satpathy is an Odisha politician who recently won a lot of fans for an AMA in which he confessed to having smoked weed and supported legalising it.

    Tathagata Satpathy / Via

    With the net neutrality debate hitting a critical juncture, his staff worked with users of Reddit India to draft a letter of dissent against the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India's (TRAI) policies.

    Tathagata Satapathy / Via

    His letter explains why this issue has so many citizens up in arms.

    Tathagata Satpathy / Via

    And stresses on the fact that it affects everyone.

    Tathagata Satpathy / Via

    Before ending with a simple truth - the internet can be the solution to a lot of problems Indian society faces today and, hence, needs to be free from oppressive regulations.

    Tathagata Satpathy / Via

    You can read the entire letter here.

    You can also read the Reddit India's collaborated reply to the TRAI here.

    We'll have to wait and see if the letter makes an impact, but for now, Mr. Satpathy...

    Apple / Via

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