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    Every Smoker Should See This Man's Powerful Snapchat Story About Dealing With Cancer

    "How do I tell cancer that my friend never smoked? Never."

    Mumbai resident Aashish Mehrotra uploaded a heartfelt Snapchat story about the horrors of cancer and how it affects everyone around you.

    A Snapchat story close to my heart. Please have the patience to watch the whole Gif. Share. Care.

    Mehrotra was an occasional smoker until a family friend passed away after being diagnosed with the disease, despite the fact that she never smoked.

    While at the hospital to donate platelets and white blood cells, Mehrotra decided to tell people why he was quitting cigarettes.

    "During the donations, I would see families coming in and out of the oncology department, faces of despair, some of hope and others of lost hope," Mehrotra told BuzzFeed.

    "Something in me snapped, I couldn't believe people, me, could be so naive."

    "I promised I would make everyone around me understand (even if they thought I was annoying or got mad at me)."

    You can follow Mehrotra on Snapchat at @AgniBankai.