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    Indians Could Make Only One Joke About THAT Scene From The Last "Game Of Thrones" Episode


    Fair warning, if you're reading any further, you're entering intense Game Of Thrones spoiler territory.

    So season 5 ended with one of the show's main characters, Jon Snow, being stabbed multiple times and lying in a pool of his own blood.

    And the first episode of the new season confirmed that he was, in fact, dead.

    And then came the final scene of this Sunday's episode, "Home".

    While the entire world lost its shit about Snow's comeback, us Indians were less impressed...

    Mihir Virani coming back from the dead was better, tbh.

    Because we already saw the greatest comeback 15 years ago, when Mihir Virani came back to life on Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi in 2001.

    And people wasted no time in pointing out that Indian television was way ahead of the game.

    So #JonSnow is back from dead. Big Deal. We grew up watching Mihir Virani, Anurag Basu & Mr. Bajaj die multiple times & come back again -_-

    Ekta Kapoor made a dead person alive almost 12 years back. Mihir's comeback was better than Jon Snow.

    So basically Jon Snow is the Mihir Virani of this generation.

    I think Ekta Kapoor bought the rights to #GameofThrones and Jon Snow is just another Mihir Virani Coming back from the dead for vacations.

    Greyjoys: What is dead may never die Mihir Virani: Ye ho chuka hai

    It was literally all anyone could talk about.

    In fact, so vocal were KSBKBT fans that, for a brief bit, Mihir Virani started trending on Twitter in a few cities.

    "Pls don't give GOT spoilers." and "Mihir Virani" are trending together.

    Come on, HBO. Stop copying us.