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The Internet Can't Stop Sharing This Hilariously Overdramatic Clip From An Indian TV Show

So. Much. Drama.

In July 2015, Twitter user @Haramshawty shared this unintentionally hilarious 30-second scene from the now-cancelled Ekta Kapoor soap Kasamh Se.

It got over 400 RTs when it was first tweeted.

The zero-chill scene was recently rediscovered by @Dutty_Jermz and this time, it has over 10,000 RTs from people around the world, in just two days.

This the most dramatic shit I ever seen in my life dawg lmaoooooo

If you haven't played the clip yet, here's an unedited 4-second excerpt from it, for your consideration.

Seriously, Indian soaps. Chill the fuck out.