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    12 Jun 2015

    11 Controversial Political Magazine Covers From India

    From taking on political parties to outdated laws, these publications didn't shy away from making a statement.

    1. India Today — December, 2013

    India Today

    This cover featured celebrated author and gay rights activist Vikram Seth posing for a mugshot. It was an appeal against the controversial Section 377 of the IPC that criminalises gay sex.

    2. OPEN Magazine — February, 2013

    OPEN Magazine

    Bringing up both the 2002 Gujarat riots and dynasty politics, this cover was subject to hate from across the political spectrum.

    3. Outlook — December, 2011


    At a time when the online content regulation debate was at its peak, this cover made a not-so-subtle Hitler jibe at the then Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal.

    4. OPEN — May, 2014

    OPEN Magazine

    Using the title of a Nazi propaganda film to describe Narendra Modi's 2014 victory didn't sit well with a lot of people.

    5. Outlook — March, 2015


    This cover made a bold proclamation against Times Now editor-in-chief and news anchor Arnab Goswami.

    6. Outlook — June, 2014


    This Outlook Magazine cover wasn't particularly kind to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav after a spate of controversies from the state.

    7. Himalaya Dhwani — January, 2015

    Himalaya Dhwani

    A mouthpiece of Hindutva group Durga Vahini, this magazine cover photoshopped Kareena Kapoor in a niqab. The issue centered around the "Love Jihad" campaign and chose the Hindu actress as its face because of her marriage to Muslim Saif Ali Khan.

    8. Femina — July, 2014


    Both celebrated and debated, this cover featured Huma Qureshi and a mannequin with the "perfect" figure. It sparked numerous conversations about society's standards for beauty and body image issues.

    9. Outlook — July, 2012


    A few weeks after TIME Magazine released a cover story dubbing Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh "The Underachiever", Outlook Magazine retaliated with a feature of their own.

    10. OPEN — November, 2012

    OPEN Magazine

    This cover wasn't particularly kind to either of its stars and picked on members of both parties.

    11. OPEN — April, 2015

    OPEN Magazine.

    Another Hitler reference, this OPEN cover highlighted Arvind Kejriwal's rise to the position of Delhi's chief minister.

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