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    14 Chennai Businesses And Institutions That Opened Their Doors To Offer Shelter From The Floods

    *Heart swells*

    1. SPI Cinemas

    2. AGS Cinemas

    3. The Forum Vijaya Mall

    Facebook: The Forum Vijaya Mall

    4. Phoenix Marketcity

    5. Bobby's Bistro

    Facebook: Karthik Reddy

    6. Crescent College

    7. Gokulam Park Hotel

    8. SRM University

    9. Old Madras Baking Company

    Facebook: Old Madras Baking Company

    10. Madras Christian College

    11. Mayajaal Theatre

    12. Ramani Hospital

    Facebook: Vignesh Raj

    13. MGR University

    14. Chinmaya Vidyalaya

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