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This Cheeky Clip Of An Australian Cricketer Squeezing His Teammate's Bum Is Going Viral

What is happening here?

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The Crowd Goes Wild recently uploaded a sly clip of Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja to their Facebook page.

Facebook: video.php

It was shot during his team's match with New Zealand in Wellington on February 6.

The 10-second video shows Khawaja trying to calm his debutant teammate Adam Zampa's nerves by... squeezing his bum.

What's more, the groping happened while the team stood for their national anthem.

The clip has gone massively viral, getting over a million views in less than a day, and is being shared all over the internet by people just wanting to know what was going on.

Hey @Uz_Khawaja - What's going on here? :) This how you guys introduce new players to the team?

Khawaja, eventually, did give an explanation by laughing it off as a joke that wasn't meant to become public.

@MiguelDSouza @Streamable hahaha oh boy. Didn't realize there were cameras filming from behind. @zamps63 😌😂

@MiguelDSouza @zamps63 haha it was all consensual. Just having a joke with the debutant. #playon

It's sports, guys. Let's not question it.