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This Indian TV Scene Is The WORST Laptop-Cleaning Tutorial In The History Of Laptops

Spoiler alert – This is not how you get rid of viruses.

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This short clip from Star Plus' Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, showing a woman cleaning a laptop with soap and water, started doing the rounds on the internet recently.

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The video got over 16,000 shares in just 24 hours.

Seriously. The episode, which aired in 2010, *literally* has a character dishwashing her husband's laptop, after her evil cousin tells her that's how computers are cleaned.

If that wasn't enough, she follows it up by rinsing the laptop off under a tap.

And then, to cap off her stellar effort, she dries it out... BY HANGING IT ON A CLOTHES LINE.

The show is still on the air, by the by.
Facebook: geobest

The show is still on the air, by the by.

WTF, Indian TV?

Facebook: geobest

Same, dude. Same.