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    13 Haunted Places In Pune You Shouldn't Go To Alone

    Do you dare?

    1. Holkar Bridge, Khadki (Picture used for representational purpose only)

    One of the most haunted places in the city, many locals advise against driving down this road at night. A lot of paranormal activity and ghost sightings have been reported around the area. The site is also known for many unexplained and mysterious deaths.

    2. Chandan Nagar (Picture used for representational purpose only)

    Chandan Nagar is said to be home to the ghost of a little girl who appears every night after midnight. The story goes that the child died on a construction site many years ago, but her spirit remained there. Many people have seen her running around screaming, with a small doll in her hands.

    3. Victory Theatre, Camp

    While it might not sound like the most natural place for a haunting, the Victory Theatre has seen its share of spook stories in the five decades or so of its existence. When the place is empty after hours, it is said that you can hear people giggling and the seats banging inside the halls. A lot of employees have also heard screams from inside the theatre.

    4. Khadki War Cemetery

    The Khadki War Cemetery is said to be occupied by the spirits of the soldiers buried there. The locals stay away from the area after dark, citing the paranormal presence. If you're looking for peace of mind, this is not the place for you.

    5. Sinhagad Fort

    The legends around the ghosts of Sinhagad Fort date back centuries. The villagers residing in the area have countless tales to tell, including hearing war cries from within the fort late at night. There are also tales of the fort being haunted by the spirit of some children who died after a bus crash near the area some years ago.

    6. Choice Hostel, Karve Road

    JEAN LIOU/AFP / Via Getty Images (Picture used for representational purpose only)

    In addition to being one of the most popular boys' hostels in the city, Choice Hostel is home to a lot of paranormal activity. Multiple people have reported seeing the ghost of a young girl roaming the corridors, in addition to hearing sobbing noises in the middle of the night. Countless students have left the hostel out of fear over the years. Saturdays after sundown are said to be the eeriest.

    7. The abandoned bungalow on Residency Club Road (Picture used for representational purpose only)

    Anyone staying near the Residency Club knows about the haunted mansion on the same street. This abandoned house is said to be possessed by the spirit of an old lady who keeps watch for trespassers. People can hear laughter and screams emanate from the bungalow late at night.

    8. Symbiosis Road, Viman Nagar

    The road leading from the Symbiosis campus to the Cafe Coffee Day outlet has played host to a number of spook stories over the years. Students have passed down the urban legends, from dogs lining up to stare and bark at empty space, to people blacking out while walking alone at night. Some people have also heard bells being rung inside a small temple on the road, even when it's completely unoccupied.

    9. Sinhgad College of Engineering

    The Sinhgad Engineering College campus is said to be haunted by the spirit of an old student who committed suicide many years ago. Loads of people have reported seeing his ghost around the premises. Some students still avoid walking alone inside the campus after dark.

    10. Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School, Kondhwa

    Sirshendu Debnath / Via (Picture used for representational purpose only)

    In 2011, the school was shut down after a student reported seeing a ghost coming out of the blackboard. Students rushed out of the building in panic. Classes were suspended for a few days following the incident to put them at ease, but the stories of a presence in the school persist to this day.

    11. The Haunted House On MG Road

    SFC-Auratus / Via (Picture used for representational purpose only)

    All the residents of the area are familiar with the creepiness of the haunted house near the Grand Hotel. The home has been left abandoned by its owners for years now. It is said that a young girl was killed there. You can still hear shrieking and cries coming from within at night. Sounds of furniture and doors being hurled around can also be heard frequently.

    12. Gangapuram Society, Viman Nagar (Picture used for representational purpose only)

    Multiple residents of this quiet housing complex have reported seeing a middle-aged man around the society, who disappears as soon as you try to approach him. He wears a shirt and a lungi and hasn't been known to harm anyone yet. But even though he doesn't appear malevolent, the tenants are still spooked out by his presence.

    13. Shaniwar Wada Fort

    The Shaniwar Wada Fort is one of the most popular destinations in Pune for ghost hunters. It is said the the spirit of the young prince Narayan Rao Peshwa, who was killed by a relative, haunts the area. The words "kaka mala vachva", or "uncle save me" can be heard coming from within on full moon nights. Many locals have also heard screaming and crying inside the fort. Entry is restricted inside after 6:30 pm.

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